O2 Unlimited Plan Mobile from £16.50 (ex VAT)

Flexible mobile tariffs, reducing cost and increases efficiency.

We know our customers are looking for more efficient ways of working and ensuring business productivity is high. Our mobile proposition allows you to be highly productive, keeping your employees connected when they are out of the office or working remotely, ensuring important calls aren’t missed and providing instant, remote access to email, internet, synchronised calendars and company networks. As a multi-service provider we offer an independent, impartial view of your mobile communication needs. Our strong partnerships withO2 extend our knowledge and expertise in delivering the best tailor-made solutions and service.

Synergy One and Only Tariff

Synergy IT and Telecoms continues to support customer success with competitive tariffs. Our entire range of outstanding SIM only options means no complicated schemes for funding hardware and accessories. What’s more, you don’t have to be tied in to 24-month contracts. With our tariffs, 30 days’ notice is all we need to cancel.

Why Synergy IT and Telecoms Mobile? Special Offer - O2 Unlimited Plan:
  • Only 30 day contracts
  • Unlimited Data, Minutes and Texts for £16.50+VAT per month
  • Simple tariff and bolt-on options
  • Competitively priced
  • Data only options available

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