Synergy IT & Telecoms We provide full IT support with great technology add-on services that includes proactive monitoring, on-site and remote IT Support, maintenance, IT consulting services and network administration. We can recommend you such solutions that will address your exact business needs once we’ll get to know your business. CONTACT FOR A FREE QUOTE IT Services

Managed IT Services

Synergy IT and Telecoms IT Support & Security experts understand dynamic IT changes and the complexities posed at businesses. Therefore, a perfect combo of managed IT & security support with advanced and operational technology skills are used for delivering dynamic solutions for businesses. Proudly, Synergy IT and Telecoms has been offering full managed IT support along with proven expertise to businesses across various industries in UK successfully past many years.

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Operation System Support

From full support for Installation, Configuration, Repair and Update, we provide Startup and Booting help for Windows 10, Vista and XP.

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Software Applications

Fully managed installation of MS Office products with support, maintenance, application compatibility issues and resolve.

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Firewall Management

Firewall configuration with dedicated and virtual firewall options with added data backup and restore support.

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Wi-Fi and Home Network

Setup wireless and wired LAN for home or office network with support for troubleshoot of networking issues.

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Printer Support

From installation, repair and updation of drivers to setup of wireless and network printers along with fixing printing and scanning issues.

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PC Optimisation

You can speed up your PC; make apps work faster and increase boot time with our PC Optimization services.

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Virus/Spyware Removal & Malware Protection

Remove virus, spyware and malware with Synergy IT and Telecoms detection schemes and anti-virus programs support.

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Email set up & support

Completely managed email account setup with operational support including data backup, troubleshooting and recovery.

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Disaster & Cloud Management

Continuous monitoring of your IT system health for any data loss, recovery and high speed.

On-site & remote support

Our IT experts can help both – small and large businesses irrespective of their requirements. Whether you have an internal team that needs our timely help or a business in dire need of complete support, we can provide you expert IT support by taking care of your IT section thereby allowing you to run your business with a monomaniacal focus.

Routine backup with storage

Protecting your Business Data

With a range of backup solutions for protecting your business data and keeping it safe for emergency times so that you can relax in case of any data loss, Synergy IT and Telecoms works fully automated with routine storage as per your convenience and time availability.

Cloud Backup

Secure your backups with Cloud

With the availability of Cloud, all data that is being backed-up is encrypted before it leaves your office with the help of encrypted connections and is further stored in strongly reliable and secure data centres. Therefore, storing your data in the cloud ensures that it can be recovered irrespective of time and location, means anywhere; anytime.

Office 365

Use Cloud for running your Business

Office 365 gives access to top-of-the line Microsoft productivity tools, that too from the cloud itself which means that your team can work seamlessly irrespective of whether it is in office, on the go or at home.  Office 365 experts are ever ready to help users along with managing Office 365 platform involved in your business. Synergy IT and Telecoms enriched years of experience in supporting, developing and deploying Office 365 applications can quickly help your staff in rectifying issues with provided advices and real time guidance on all aspects of the Office 365 platform.

IT Consultancy

Delivering Budget friendly IT Projects

To help grow your business, we offer a range of IT consulting services. With the guidance of our expert consultants, you can deliver projects in a budget and time friendly manner. We will identify and recommend the best solutions to any arisen problem whenever required. Moreover, our experience will add value to your business with advisory services to IT Managers and other key decision makers. It can directly help you to get a best ROI from your IT investment.

We provide full IT support with great technology add-on services that includes proactive monitoring, on-site and remote IT Support, maintenance, IT consulting services and network administration.

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