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Highly Secure, Exclusive Connection

Being used by majority of businesses for connecting to Internet and various sites, Ethernet is considered as one of the most dedicated and exclusive connections with features of reliability, assurance and high security. Carrying the best suite of features, Synergy IT and Telecoms Ethernet solutions can be customized as per your business needs and deeds.

Symmetric Uploading & Downloading Speed

Nowadays businesses require stable downloading and uploading speeds especially that rely on cloud based services heavily. Considering this, our offered Ethernet’s speeds are symmetric and thus do not let any difference between downloading and uploading speed occur unlike broadband where speed of download and upload greatly vary.

Powerful SLAs; ZERO Interruptions

Being a business-focused product, Ethernet adheres to a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and ensures an agreed guaranteed speed throughout the period. Moreover, with minimum interruptions in your business flow, it keeps the wheel rolling and functioning resolute by backing up technology operations with quick response and crisis help.

Businesses that work with a cost effective model having up to 20 users with an area of required capability can make use of EoFTTC for reaping the benefits of Ethernet.

Popular Ethernet Solutions

Ethernet In The First Mile (EFM)

Popularly verbalized as EFM, Ethernet in the First Mile is applied when full fibre is either too expensive to install or is simply unavailable. Having a capacity of connecting your business premise directly to the Ethernet core network, EFM uses multiple copper pairs for providing an uninterrupted and dedicated connection which is equipped with high speed symmetrical bandwidth for imposing equal uploading and downloading speeds, thereby ensuring a smooth implementation & execution of in-trend real time applications like VoIP and Video Conferencing.

Best Fit for:

Businesses that greatly rely on a dedicated Ethernet as their day to day operations cannot bear any loss of service falls in the category of the best fit for EFM. Such businesses do not only want to reap the benefits of an exclusive Ethernet but are also aware about their data requirements in future and desires of a complete control over connectivity.

Main Features:
  • Symmetric Download/Upload Speed of up to 35 Mbps
  • Best for up to 20 users
  • Desirable Downloading Limits
  • Powerful SLAs
  • Most Suitable Solution in case of Fibre non-availability
  • Strong technical support by a dedicated team with One to One account management
Ethernet point-to-point

With high data security, Ethernet Point-to-Point stands out as a dedicated full fibre connection between your two sites. It is high performing and more reliable too as it helps your business save big investments by offering usage of hosted VoIP for inter-site calls.

Best Fit for:

If you want to establish a connection between an office and a data centre or want to connect offices in different locations, Point-to-Point Ethernet is ideal for you.

Main Features:
  • High on Data Security
  • Symmetrical downloading/uploading speed of up to 10 Gbps
  • Best suited for Connecting Multiple Offices/Sites
  • Perfect Choice for Connecting two sites
  • Robust SLA’s
  • Availability using Fibre Ethernet or Copper
  • Proven Download Limits
  • End-to-End account management by highly proficient Customer Support Team

EoFTTC referred to in common terms as Ethernet over fibre to the cabinet, also called as Generic Ethernet Access (GEA). It makes use of copper cable or an existing fibre in case of non-availability of full fibre to establish a connection between your business premises and the closest street cabinet along with a dedicated Ethernet line for carrying data to the core network. It is marked as a hybrid solution that offers high velocity with an assigned bandwidth and speed of Ethernet under the cost benefits of FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet) and FTTP (Fibre to the premises).

Best Fit for:

Businesses that work with a cost effective model having up to 20 users with an area of required capability can make use of EoFTTC for reaping the benefits of Ethernet.

Main Features:
  • Amazing download limits
  • Support for up to 20 users
  • Symmetrical Downloading/Uploading Speed of up to 20 Mbps
  • Hybrid Solution with Cost Benefits of FTTP & FTTC
  • Exempts full fibre availability by using copper cable or existing fibre
  • Technically trained Customer Support Team for dedicated Account Management

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