VOIP For Businesses

What Cloud Telephony Really Stands For?

Cloud Telephony (Hosted PBX) also known as VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) outstands as a unique cloud service which shifts all the desirable features of an on-premise phone system over the cloud, thereby making delivery of services more effective and efficient. As Synergy IT and Telecoms expertise in providing completely customised and tailored Cloud Telephony for business, we ensure absolutely reliable and disturbance less communications to your desktop, that too from highly secure and resilient data centres. In other words, we reduce your burden of managing the phone system by managing it for you and give you flexibility of accessing anything you need with usage of mere handset, web applications and portals. Isn’t that great?

Why Cloud Telephony Is A Perfect Fit For Your Business?

Do you want your business to grow? Certainly your response has answered it for you. As no business is untouched of latest technological advancement, your business shouldn’t be too. As Cloud Telephony has the potential of leveraging your business multi-folds irrespective of the fact that whether you own a single home-office or a multinational brand, you must choose Synergy IT and Telecoms Cloud Telephony service. Moreover with on-demand feature set, same day provisioning services and advanced feature packs offered by Synergy IT and Telecoms, you can not only add and remove users instantly but can also give a real time experience of reception console, call centre solution and much more in a desired manner, all just one-click away.

How Your Business Is Going To Step-Up With Cloud Telephony?

From providing simple tools for collaboration to communication of teams and from facilitation of on-demand access to desired feature set, Cloud Telephony eradicates any unnecessary burden your business is carrying and as rightly said – When you let go of what is weighing your business down, your business is going to fly high. Cloud Telephony offered by Synergy IT and Telecoms provides you with wide spectrum of flexibility to tailor the assets like fully featured handsets, interfaces – simple, PC, Web or Smartphone as per your business needs. It also helps in showcasing your users the benefits of Cloud, in record time. Do you still hold a doubt?

As Synergy IT and Telecoms expertise in providing completely customized and tailored Cloud Telephony for business, we ensure absolutely reliable and disturbance less communications to your desktop

Benefits of Synergy VOIP

Pay as you grow

By setting you free, our Cloud Telephony offers maximum business freedom for concerns over resource utilization and communication optimization. It facilitates with an easy–to-handle management tool having great level of adjustment in terms of capacity, features and applications thereby enforcing total business growth.

Ease of Starting

Go ahead with our cloud solution worriless if you have a single license. As there are no minimum requirements for users / seats in Synergy IT and Telecoms Cloud, so we ensure that you get a cloud solution easily with full protection of your IT resources. As we intend to minimize your upfront business investment, the offered Synergy IT and Telecoms Cloud will meet your needs in the best manner.

Bespoke Solution

Since business is a dynamic domain, we support customization as per your goals and budget throughout the cloud telephony deployment. That is why; it is varied as a Private, Public and Hybrid cloud solution. As per your business communication needs and environments, you can alter the deployment scheme which can turn out to be most suitable for your business, say for; Synergy IT and Telecoms seems to be a great option all time.


With growing business, there may arise a point of expansion of existing communications network to branch offices. For this, Synergy IT and Telecoms Cloud can act as a great aid as it can provide network deployment for multi-sites instead of promoting investment into additional hardware for inter-office and other communications.

Multimedia Support

Collaboration of diverse tools to meet the business needs is a dream of every entity. As Synergy IT and Telecoms Cloud Telephony provides the customization as per your business, it stands out in the IP Telephony market with a wide range of portfolios that includes IP PBX, Voice, Cloud, Management and Video tools thereby facilitating you with great options for business collaborations.

Powerful features

We offer a strongly binded pack of telephony features like Hot Desk, Multi/One/Shared Number, Mobile Extension and Group Queuing with an assurance that you will get only high quality experience without compromising on trust, speed and service execution at any level.

Smart Collaboration

Providing an ease of collaboration with colleagues in real time is one of Synergy IT and Telecoms most in-demand service offerings. For this, we facilitate robust collaboration solutions like Video Conferencing, SMS, Chatting, IM, Voice etc. with a number of other unmatchable advantages in sync with a multi-device setup like mobile and desktop.

Hassle-free Communication

With our special One Number service, you can communicate hassle-free and limitless with having only one number on all your devices vanishing your worry of managing multiple numbers on multiple devices. Moreover, with our Cloud, you can maximize the communication with video, collaboration and voice tools anytime, anywhere.

Seamless Connections

Enjoying a seamless communication nowadays may seem easy but actually enjoying a communication seamlessly, seems quite tough without an authentic service provider. With Synergy IT and Telecoms, you can enjoy a perfect UcaaS environment while boosting your productivity with the help of an integrated communication setup. Also, with availability of empowering features like text, chat, instant voice/video communication, email and much more, you can connect without any restrictions.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Everything falls in place for a business; only when it has a satisfied customer. At Synergy IT and Telecomss we help you in doing that with Cloud Integration so that if you miss an important business call out of office, your customers don’t. By connecting offices and individuals in real time with Synergy IT and Telecoms Cloud Telephony, your customer satisfaction, reliance and experience will jump multi-folds.

Hosted Telephony Features –

Standard Features
Auto Attendant
Voicemail to Email
Pick-up groups
Hunt groups
Paging groups
Collaboration and Mobility
Instant Messaging
Voicemail to email
Mobile phone pairing
Hot Desk
Multi-Device Linking
Busy Lamp Field
Disaster Recovery
Integration with MS Teams
Visibility and Control
Call Recording
Call Monitoring - LIVE
Reporting – Call & Scheduled
Portal Facility
Easy Management

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