About Synergy IT & Telecoms

The best thing about Synergy; it lives by its meaning

Right from 2017; the year of its inception, Synergy IT and Telecoms has been working with a mission of providing absolutely best IT and Telecom solutions to the businesses through interaction & collaboration. The company was founded by Rohit Sharma with an inner vision of serving society by helping business houses in the UK with cost effective, robust and future proof solutions along with generating pool of employment and investment in latest technology. Having the privilege of serving clientele of multiple domains viz. NHS Surgeries, Financial Services, Solicitors, Estate Agents and so many more, Synergy IT and Telecoms has been in the good books of all for its excellence and consistency.

Every entity is governed by some standard rules; we are governed by our ethics, that’s why we stand UNITED BUT APART. 

Our Ethics
  • Go an extra mile for Customers, as they only turn out to be lifetime family members
  • Put Customer First, only they train you to become extraordinary service professionals
  • Empower your teams, they genuinely hold on to you in your good and bad
  • Carry a long term vision, as marathon partnerships leads to sustainable business growth
  • Be transparent & Accountable every time, as only a genuine service provider can do that now
  • Achieve Excellence; as happy customers are results of attained expert excellence only
  • Constant up grading the technology; as constant up gradation allows you to learn & contribute towards better solutions
  • Create Value for others; as you are nothing without your stakeholders
Synergy IT and Telecoms since 2017

Being into service since 2017, we have seen the ups & downs of businesses but one thing that has always been a priority in Synergy IT and Telecoms is the needs of our customer. To provide an unforgettable customer experience, we have loved walking an extra mile for our customers to grab nothing less than the best communication solutions available & possible.

Superior Service & Expert Advice

With “Best of Breed” Business Phone Systems, Superfast Broadband Connections, IT Support and Energy supply, we stay on the top with ultimate service offerings, that too with the help of our expert panel that comprises of extremely passionate people who enjoy delivering exceptional solutions for all your Communication and IT needs.

Award Winning & Cutting Edge Solutions

With access to best in the industry solutions, our customers can rest assure that they are receiving superior services available in the market. As we believe that it is vital to ensure that all the systems we provide can evolve with supportive technological advancements, we abide by those future-proof equipment and solutions that are always in-trend and at the cutting edge

Leverage Great Business Partnerships

Living by aforesaid saying – Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much, here at Synergy IT and Telecoms, we believe that once we enter a partnership with a customer, we have an obligation to protect their best interests; therefore we always keep our customers aware of any developments and ROI. As we aim to ensure that our customers reap full benefits of dealing with a company who treats them as individuals and not just numbers, we leverage our partnerships humanly.

Working With Reputed Suppliers

At Synergy IT and Telecoms, we believe in achieving excellence and for that we keep our working standards high and self challenging. In this attaining the set bars, we work only with those suppliers that operate at the same pace. Bearing this is mind, Synergy deal with a range of internationally acclaimed suppliers namely BT Wholesale, Gamma, Daisy, Ericsson-LG, Draytek, Panasonic, Vodafone, Talk Talk Business and O2.

Endless Customer Support All The Way

Starting a journey is easy than walking it. Synergy IT and Telecoms operates to help its customers to boost their bottom line. For this, we ensure that they are utilising the best Communication and IT Solutions for their needs along with studying insights about their perceived image by respective clients, employees, suppliers and partners and help them in taking the business one step up always.